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How to Slay a Friendsgiving in 5 Easy Steps

How to Slay a Friendsgiving in 5 Easy Steps

Hey my loves!! It is currently Thanksgiving morning so, Happy Thanksgiving!! By now you may have already had a successful Friendsgiving (sorry! I've been super sick) but if you haven't yet this post is for you and if you have these tips are applicable for any get-together. 

If you're totally unfamiliar with what a Friendsgiving is here is the tea.Friendsgiving is essentially Thanksgiving with your friends (kind of obvious huh haha). There really aren't any rules to this holiday. Some people have Friendsgiving if don't have any family in the surrounding area or can't travel home. Others have Friendsgiving as a way to celebrate their friendships and it can be held before, after or on actual Thanksgiving. Regardless of the reason, I  LOVE Friendsgiving, so let's just get right into how to do it.

Who, What, Where, When?

What is Friendsgiving without great company. First things first, put together a list of people you want to attend. There are no limitations to how many people you can invite. I hosted my Friendsgiving with my friend Micaela. We decided to have an intimate gathering at her apartment between mutual friends. We sent invites via text and as a group came to a consensus on a date and time. Since we had a small group it was easy to coordinate but if you a planning a larger scale gathering I suggest picking a date and time prior to sending out invites.

What We All Came For- Food and Dranks

Now we all know the real reason everyone is there, to eat! You have a few options when it comes to coordinating food. We opted for potluck style so that we could share a bit of everyone’s Thanksgiving. You can also just take the lead and cook for everyone of have food catered. I think potluck style is the easiest and most economical.

Don’t forget the drinks. In the spirit of Thanksgiving have one main drink like cranberry sangria, spiked apple cider, eggnog or coquito. Then delegate others to bring wine, liquor, water, etc.

Make it Beautiful

 Beautiful decor always gets people in the holiday spirit and I’m a sucker for a luxurious tablescape.Don’t worry about spending lots of money if you have a small budget. Pinterest has tons of ideas for affordable table setting ideas and decor that won’t break the break. I always do the most but I spent about $150 for the table and wall decor and flatware, not too shabby.

Make it Fun

Of course when all the girls get together it’s a good time, but it doesn’t hurt to have a playlist and some activities planned. Plan ahead and designate someone to make a playlist. We played a game of pass the aux cord because we couldn’t decide what we wanted to listed to haha but it was still fun. We also sang, danced and all said what we were thankful for.


if you want to plan some activities up can play the typical games like Cards Aginst Humanity and Taboo or something more seasonal like Thanksgiving Bingo or a Pie Eating contest.  

Make it Memorable

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed after all that planning but don’t! Make sure to enjoy that time with your friends and completely live in the moment. Take pictures and make memories ❤️ 

My friends and I had an awesome time at our friendsgiving. We came to fellowship, share what we were thankful for, eat of course and we also slayed- so appropriately we coined that day our First Annual Slaysgiving. Check out some of the fun and how it all came together below.


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