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Find Out 1 of the Ways I Developed My Social Media Brand Aesthetic

Find Out 1 of the Ways I Developed My Social Media Brand Aesthetic

When most people hear the word brand they don't think it applies to them or that it's even necessary but when it comes down to it, branding is important for just about anyone.

Branding yourself, your products or your company goes beyond having a website, logo, colors etc. Your brand is how you market yourself, how you attract your audience, it is essentially your identity.

How do you want people to identify you are and what you are bringing to the table? 

Well the first thing is to give them something to identify you with. Social media is one of the most important strategies for branding. Within a few seconds someone can skim your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and immediately decide if they want to continue to be apart of your audience or not. Especially in this day and age we have become so techy that our handles often serve as our business cards. However, once that person has your handle how do you make them part of your tribe? 

The overall look of your page will either keep that person intrigued or send them running to the hills. I know i've been there haha. If you have a beautiful feed with intriguing content then you've got me hooked but if you don't...well who knows! Thats why it was important to me to develop a clear aesthetic when I was curating my Instagram feed.

I'll be the first to tell you was not easy in the slightest and to be it wasn't too important to me in the beginning. However as my brand grew, my outlook began to change. I wanted there to be cohesiveness to my feed that gave a complete picture of who I was and the content I was bringing.

I slowly but surely began figuring it out. I began incorporating and equally posting all the topics my brand represented but for the life of me I could not master a theme. If you're a bit confused, an Instagram theme gives your page and overall "look" for a lack of better words. You may have noticed some of your favorite instagrammers have a pattern- either they havea white theme, a warm theme, some have a grey theme, cool theme, colorful theme, blush theme- the options are endless and I feel like I tried them all! Now don't get me wrong there are people who do fantastic without any theme at all, shoot I was doing just fine but I really enjoyed the clarity and beauty of having a theme. I felt it was that extra bit that really tied your feed together. But no matter what I tried none of them really seemed to stick. Some how or another I would have to deviate from my theme and I found myself trying a new one and it was becoming very frustrating.

Then in October I was introduced to SelfMade. A creative agency geared towards helping you with your online presence. Now they offer a ton of different service such as growing your audience and developing a posting schedule but what stood out to me was helping the client create a brand aesthetic and assisting with photo editing.  

DING DING! That was right up my alley. Now it wasn't immediate but over the last few months I have been a client at SelfMade and my Instagram feed has become exactly what I wanted. There was some trial and error but Mama I Made It! Now I primarily use SelfMade for the photo editing aspect service. My iPhone apps only go but so far. Below is an example of a Before photo I took in Bali and the After after sending it to SelfMade. Also check out my Instagram and scroll back a few months and see for yourself how I switched themes and at one point didn't have a theme at all but now there's a sense of cohesiveness.  

If you're interested in learning more or just simply want to be nosey haha I'll be hosting a webinar this Friday and hopefully for the next few months going in depth about how SelfMade has been one of the many tools I used to develop my brand aesthetic. Just sign up here! The best part about the webinar is that anyone who signs up gets 25% off their plan if they decide to register. 

I hope to see you then! And don't worry if you can't make it there will be more.



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