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Weaves,Clip-Ins and Wigs! Oh My!

Yes!! You guessed it I wear wigs, weaves and clip-ins and I LOVE THEM!!

I am often asked “Why do you wear wigs/weaves?!”—Well that question requires a number of answers, so let me get down to it…

The beauty about being a female is the versatility in our look. We can be simplistic one moment and dramatic and flashy the next. It’s an art if you ask me. The fact that I can wear my big curly blonde Afro on Monday and on Wednesday decide I want long black waist length hair, I have that option. Hair extensions give you the option of changing the color, the length and the style without manipulating your own hair thus resulting in less damage. I get so bored with my hair very, very quickly. I am always looking for something fun and different to do, so if I were to dye and cut my hair every time I had a new idea I guarantee you I may not have any hair anymore!!

The health of my hair is very important. That is another reason I wear extensions. I should be clear; I primarily wear wigs. Yes, in the past I did wear weaves and every so often if I am too lazy to make I wig, I may take indulge in a flawless sew-in. However, wigs are still my top pick. I only wear clip-ins when my hair is straight, although natural hair clip-ins are on the market now (I may have to try those bad boys out). 

I’m sure you’re asking, “Well what do extensions have to do with the health of your hair and why do you prefer wigs?” Good question dolls!! Wigs and weaves are protective hairstyles; they keep your ends tucked away and keep you from manipulating and unconsciously breaking your hair. I know it’s not just me…we play and coil and tug out our locks all day long. That innocent playing can cause breakage, so it’s good every so often to tie down your tresses, give them a break from the environment and your hands and just let them rest.

Don’t get me wrong; protective hairstyles are not all they are cracked up to be. Weaves and braids that are too tight, clipins and wigs that tug on your hair can also cause breakage. You must be careful when installing these styles, but that’s a topic for another day. However, that is the reason I prefer wigs to weaves. I have had some bad experiences with sew-ins, like bad breakage, I have a little bald spot, almost lost my mind- kind of bad experience. It was my fault though, I allowed it to be sewn and braided too tight. You have to know your own hair and my hair cannot handle THAT much tension so I need to be careful who I let braid, twist, and sew my hair. Wigs are my solution!! They look and pretty much act just like a weave, with less tension and I can change them as often as I change my clothes!! They are also an awesome investment because the hair sew onto the unit typically lasts longer which also allows for more versatility.

So there it is! That is my spiel on my why I wear hair extensions and why I love them oh so much!!

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