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The Best Blow Out Ever

We all love a beautiful volumous blowout. Whether is sleek, textured or full of body a girl cannot deny her love of a blowout every once in a while. If you’re anything like me I occasionally get an itch to wear my hair straight. Sometimes I want to see how much length I have retained/gained and some times I just need a change.

Well recently I had an itch and it was not going away. I am in love with wand curls especially on textured blowouts so you can imagine my excitement when I received ONYC’s new texture “Fro Out.” I could achieve a blow out with out actually doing a blowout.

I know you’re probably thinking, “It’s not that serious but on the contrary it is. As a natural who is very conscious about the health of her hair I do my best to stay away from heat. I want to avoid heat damage at all costs; not only because I love my curls but also to maintain the health and length of my hair.

The Fro Out texture allowed me to not only do a protective style but also protect the majority of my hair (I’ll elaborate) from heat while achieving my favorite stretched style.

Now lets get down to the details!

I purchased 2 bundles of hair in 14’ and 16” and a 12” lace closure. I installed the hair on a wig cap to make a full wig. I also lifted the color to a nice caramel using Clairol BW2 and a 30 volume developer. I left my entire perimeter out, something I will not do next time I wear the wig. I felt it was too much hair and I constantly had to blowout the hair at the nape of my neck because it would revert. Next time I will only leave hair out from ear to ear. I sewed the wig on and wore it for three weeks.

In those three weeks I styled the hair in a chunky side braid, wand curls and flexi rods. My favorite style was the wand curls of course! Checkout my flexirod and wand curl tutorial on the ONYC Fro Out on the YouTube Channel. They hair was extremelyyyyy natural!! Everyone thought it was mine. It also was soft and did not tangle or shed. I co washed the hair on two different occasions using Tresemme Naturals Conditioner and applied a very light moisturizer and CHI heat protectant to the hair before any heat styling.

I think this is a great texture to try for naturals who do not want to apply heat to their, for transitoners who want to experience a textured blow out and of course for anyone interested in exploring different styles on blown out textured.

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