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Midnight Mimosaholic Boatride Natural Hair Style Guide

The Midnight Mimosaholic Boatrode is right around the corner and figuring out a hairstyle is not an easy task. The humidity from the water and summer heat ccan definitely take a faboulus do to a frizz ball within minutes. Here are four examples of  full proof styles to get you through the night. I've also included tutorials on how to acicheve two of these styles. Check it out!

Halo Braid

This style is achieved easiest on stretched hair. Secure your hair into a low bun. Using one pack of jumbo braid hair, braid one long braid leaving a loop at the top. Wrap the looped part of the jumbo braid around the bun, so that it can cover your own hair. Then bring the jumbo braid from one side of your head to the other. Secure the the end of the jumbo braid with bobby pins.


Texture Bun

Check out how to achieve this bun

Twist Out

Check out how to achieve Three Strand Twist 

Puff/ Pompadour

This style is super quick and effortless to achieve. Just gather all of your hair on top of your head towards the front of your hairline. Using a large metaless band secure your puff in place. Fluff and style using small bobby pins and you're ready to go. 

Now you can brunch your way through the night unbothered! Have fun mimosaholics! 

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