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Featured Doll: Ieasha Tiffany

When I met Ieasha I was instantly drawn to her. Apart from her beauty and style she had such a warm, welcoming demeanor. After speaking for a bit I knew I had to share her with the world haha.  You may have seen her work on the October cover of Txture Magazine as well as the October issue of Livid Magazine. She is currently in Uganda but I’ll let her tell it. Check out Ieasha’s interview below! Mwah

CC: Please tell our readers your name, where you are from?

Ieasha Tiffany: Hi loves! I'm Ieasha. I'm from Connecticut but have transitioned into a full-on brooklynite over the past 2 years :)

CC: Tell us more about yourself!

IT: I'm a 23 year old young lady, with a masters and a big laugh. I'm a published wardrobe stylist, Full-time substance abuse therapist, and I also do marketing/promotions for Ryan Leslie. Food, fashion & fun pretty much sums up my interests!

CC: How long have you been natural? Did you transition or big chop?

IT: I've been natural for 2 years now, I did my BC in August 2012 and haven't looked back since!

CC: What made you decide to go natural and why did you decide to transition/big chop?

IT: Prior to my BC, I’d been rocking shorter (relaxed) hair for the past 2 or so years, and realized at one point that the entire process of relaxing and maintaining my hair was just not for me! I was never one of those girls who could keep up with a weave or wanted to spend time wrapping my hair up at night so after doing the whole Cassie thing for a while (lord help me!) I began to contemplate just starting fresh! After a glass of wine and a few laughs with a friend who just so happened to have her clippers on her, my hair was gone haha

CC: As a natural with a short cut, how do you maintain it and what is your regimen?

IT: My regimen is pretty simple! I get a cut at a men’s barbershop every 2 weeks or so, and just brush and go! I do tie it up and brush consistently; my waves have become somewhat of a trademark for me. Other than that, I just shampoo every other week, co-wash regularly. Sometimes I'll use tea tree oil for my scalp!

CC: What are some lessons you have learned during your natural hair journey?

IT: I absolutely love the confidence and awareness that has surrounded natural hair recently, and it's really opened my eyes to the importance of self-confidence in whatever you rock! I received some backlash about the idea of cutting my hair short, but once I knew I loved it, the universe and everyone in it fell into place! It's all about the attitude you radiate and the spirit that goes along with it. Those 27 inches may be laid to all high heavens girl but the aura you exude needs to be just as spectacular! 

CC: So tell us some of your favs: You favorite hair products, favorite hairstyle and of course your hair crush

IT: I honestly don't use many hair products, but I can say that Tea Tree Oil has done wonders for my scalp in terms of keeping it moisturized and healthy. The style that's been holding me down this summer/fall has to be my little Nasir Jones part; it gives my cut a little personality ;) Hair crush would have to be SZA, I love me a good fro! 

CC: How would you describe your style?

IT: I would describe my style as hobo-chic haha. I rarely wear things that are tight fitting, just because I enjoy being comfortable. I layer like its winter all year round; I pile a bunch of really simple pieces together to give dimension. All in the details

CC: Who or what influences your style?

IT: I think the mere concept of androgyny influences my style a lot. Having a short cut, most people would predict (and have even encouraged) me dressing extra girly, but it's just not my style. I love menswear with a touch of delicacy; those two worlds do wonders when they collide. 

CC: How has your style evolved over time?

IT: I honestly think I got more edgy once I cut my hair! It was such a freeing experience that I really started experimenting with my wardrobe and style. I felt like I had the room to dress like Kim K OR Kanye and still do the damn thing. It's all in good fun

CC: Some more faves! What are your 5 pieces you in your closet? Your favorite place to shop? Who is your style crush?

IT: My favorite piece right now has to be my boyfriend jeans, they're so comfortable and versatile - a true staple piece. My nude pointed toe pumps are life, they add that little bit of delicacy I mentioned earlier to any type of outfit! I have an oversized safety pin with pearls on it, that gives a little funk to a few of my more simple outfits. V-Necks! I love a good loose V-neck, in addition to my 4000 boyfriend cardigans/blazers. I'm all about ease, so throwing on any of the above usually takes my outfits to a more chic level.

CC: Do you think you hair influences your style?

IT: I absolutely think my hair influences my style! It makes my look much more edgy and bold, regardless of what I'm wearing. Which is cool for me because I don't have to do so much wardrobe wise. 

CC: As a stylist how does your personal style influence how you style others?

IT: I think the freedom and versatility in my personal style lets me step outside of the box when I’m on set or drafting up looks for a shoot. I try things out on myself sometimes, which I end up bringing to a client, it goes hand in hand. 

CC: Who was one of your favorite people to work with?

IT: My favorite person to work with would have to be Tyra Banks! She has such a lively spirit and crazy drive that you just can't help loving up on her! 

CC: So you're currently in Uganda, Tell us more about your trip.

IT: I've been in East Africa for 4 months now and time has been flying! I've been between Egypt, Tanzania and Uganda, with the bulk of my time being spent in Uganda's 2nd largest town, Gulu. It's been absolutely transformative! Being so far out of your comfort zone has its way of putting things in perspective, whether you're ready for it or not! I've been working for an

organization called TRIBE, which is a social enterprise that employs local women so they can save for university, or simply earn a living. We engage in jewelry making and general mentorship, and just a good time! The women i work with are so spirited and resilient, it really rings home the true meaning of being in the "motherland". I live in the village so i've been fortunate enough to really emerge myself in the culture. It's an entire different world!

CC: What have you gained thus far?

IT: The majority of what i've gained has been in personal growth. I feel like a different person spiritually and mentally! I'm more self-aware, socially aware, and quite honestly, comfortable being who I am regardless of where in the universe I happen to be! The lifestyle here is so simple, yet so rich. It really made me reconsider all the material things and superficial values that I hold high back home. It gave me a renewed look on our roots as a people, the value that needs to be taken in the beauty of being a Black woman in my entirety! Learning the histories of these countries, all they've lost and gained, it's been incredible. It's frustrating, so much needs to change to help these countries continue to grow and flourish. So i guess i've gained that too, a deeper understanding of what goes on outside of the pearly gates of the US.

I can't leave out fashion inspiration, of course lol. I can't go anywhere without seeing vibrant patterns and shapes embedded in the culture and traditions. It's expanded my eye far beyond the western concepts of fashion. I had the amazing opportunity to attend Kampala Fashion Week, where East African designers exhibited their new collections, it seriously brought an entire new meaning to the word international.  I've got a solid tan too haha, that never hurts.

CC: Is there any advice you have for our readers?

IT: I recently did another interview and was asked a similar question, about how I've begun to create a lifestyle that I’m happy with and prospering because of. I think the best advice I can give is to let fear be the catalyst to

your growth!! A lot of what we do (or don't do) stem from fear. We work hard because we fear being financially unstable, or we stick to what we know, because we fear what unknown lies outside of that -- let that work FOR you, fear doesn't always have to be the enemy. Having fear should make you aware that there's the unknown, but that also means there's different, and perhaps better. Push yourself to fear stagnation, and change will come your way in plentiful ways. So fortune cookie-ish haha but it works.

CC: Where can our readers connect with you?

IT: I can be reached primarily through my website www.ieashatiffany.com and instagram account @ieashatiffany. I'll be documenting my travels on both platforms so definitely feel free to follow my journey! Any further inquiries can be directed to my email address! :) ieashatiffany@gmail.com

CC: What can we expect from you next?

IT: I'm currently working on bringing an organization to my village that educates young women on sexual health and feminine hygiene, so that's exciting! I'm really in the mental space to cultivate change outside of myself. I'm all for personal growth but that doesn't make up a legacy, I need to leave something behind that people continuously benefit from, or this trip was in vain! That's how I see things now.

But after that? Girl who knows! I return to the states in April, almost 8 months out of my zone, who knows what it'll bring! I know for sure I want to head back into fashion full time - maybe on the editorial end, writing for a magazine or something of the like. I definitely plan to continue my service, those young Brooklyn girls need love too! Either way, I plan to have my hands in everything I can. I'm learning that these are the most formative years for me, so I want to try (and fail, and try again haha) at everything I have the opportunity to!


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