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Featured Doll: Hana Tunis

1.Please tell our readers your name, where you are from?

Hey! My name is Hana, descending from the Republic of Liberia (West Africa), born in Providence, RI, raised in Staten Island, NY.

2. Tell us more about yourself!

I'm a self-proclaimed philanthropist & Social Entrepreneur striving to serve & change the world in various capacities. I'm also a proud alumn of St. John's University w/ a degree in Public Relations. I love big hair, high heels, & good eyebrows.

3. Your hair is relaxed, what type of styles do you wear to keep your hair healthy?

 I love big hair. Though I have relaxed hair, most people wouldn't even know because I'm constantly hiding it under a big curly half wig or a straight weave (that I end up curling anyway) which is probably the only time I leave out a small portion of my hair on the top to blend just to give the style a more sleek, natural look. I've never been into closing my weaves, so I prefer to leave some of my own hair out on the top which usually prompts me to "touch up" (half-relax) my hair in order to give the style a "laid" effect. During the winter season, you'll find me wearing Marley twists or braids which I love because it prevents breakage.

4. Have you ever considered going natural?

Yes! I considered going natural after my conversation with YOU actually. I remembered talking to you about your beginnings of accomplishing your big, beautiful, natural hair. When you told me I didn't have to chop all of my hair off, I was relieved & started considering. I think that's a misconception some people have. They think that, in order to go natural, you have to chop all of your hair off to start. That's not the case. You can grow out your relaxer or you can chop off the relaxed parts of your hair. Knowing this, I started to really consider going natural. Also, today we have brands, like "Curls & Couture", that are openly embracing natural hair & showing the world how beautiful, maintainable, sexy, & stylish natural hair is. Sometimes I get a little jealous! Lol. But as of now, my goal is to maintain healthy hair.

5. What is your healthy hair regimen?

Having relaxed hair calls for a lot of maintainence. Being raised by a hair stylist (My Mom) has helped me to really take care of my hair to the best of my ability. Before sewing in a weave, I have to make sure my hair is healthy & strong. However, I personally don't do much. A simple wash & deep conditioner followed by a good "blow-out" is all I need.

6. What are some lessons you have learned during your hair journey?

Keep away from my edges!

7. Tell us some of your favs: You favorite products, favorite style and of course your hair crush.

Love Olive Oil products. Big hair is my thing. It just fits my personality. Many of my friends have voiced they love the big hair. I don't really have a hair crush, but when Kelly Rowland wears a good body/deep wave, she immediately gives life!

8. You are quite the fashionista! How would you describe your style?

Anything that screams different.. I mean, even if I was to buy a romper from H&M, I would have to give it my own personality. That's actually what

9. Who or what influences your style?

I am heavily inspired by African & Cultural fashion. I love how our fashion has evolved & has become transferable into pop culture. Before, you had to go to a traditional wedding to get a dose of some fine African fashion. Now, it's everywhere! I'm also inspired by upcoming fashion designers such as @angieHH & stylists like @mattiealogie whose styles & sense of fashion are pretty much priceless.

10. How has your style evolved?

 I used to be "Safe" (cute & acceptable) but now I'm not really a fan of the norm. I believe fashion is: Giving personality to what you choose to wear.

11. So give us the juice!! What are your 5 pieces you in your closet? Your favorite place to shop? Who is your style crush?

My top 5 pieces in my closet are my printed capris designed by @roshedesigns, African couture dress designed by @angieHH, Forever 21 Glitter Crop Top, my kente hand bag from Ghana, & Royal blue pumps that I'll forever keep in my closet. I don't really have a favorite place to shop. I prefer to support upcoming designers BUT if I had to choose it would be H&M...they've never let me down do far!

12. Do you think you hair influences your style?

Absolutely! Hair is an accessory to your style. It has a way of reflecting who you are...just like fashion.

13. Can you tell us more about FashPhenomenon and One Million Girls?

"One Million Girls" is a domestic and international campaign created and developed to empower girls by influencing the realization of their self-worth, undying strength, inner beauty, and massive potential while bringing them together to learn, strive, and achieve. The campaign was launched in Staten Island, New York in October 2012 and afterwards I decided to travel to Liberia in December 2012 to launch it internationally. I also created the P.A.D.S project (Prepared and Driven for Success) which was created under "One Million Girls" to provide girls in Africa with accessible sanitary care in order to maintain attendance in school, eliminate health risks, & alleviate the financial responsibility of purchasing sanitary & hygienic products in developing countries. P.A.D.S is in the process of establishing sanitary napkin vending machines in educational institutions in order to provide girls in school with sanitary products throughout the school day. In December 2012, it raised over 1,000 feminine sanitary products and distributed these products to over 100 girls in Liberia. In March 2013, we returned to Liberia with over 2,000 feminine sanitary products for girls located in the city of Monrovia. P.A.D.S has now ventured into providing girls and women in Kenya with feminine sanitary products by launching "P.A.D.S for Kenya" on Wednesday, April 24, 2013 at St. John's University's Manhattan campus. FashPhenomenon was founded in 2009 to strengthen the self -esteem of girls through the use of runway & fashion.

14. You were Miss. Liberia in 2008-2009, do you feel your title was influential in building your brand?

Definitely! Through pageantry I found my passion to empower the youth & serve humanity.

15. What type of events do you have and how can our readers become actively involved with FashPhenomenon and One Million Girls?

We are always looking for volunteers to help with the philanthropic projects of Fashphenomen, One Million Girls, & PADS. Many of our events consist of self-esteem & educational workshops in the U.S & abroad. Pretty much if you love to serve & help others in any capacity, you can always email is at 1MillionGirls@Gmail.com or you can find us on Facebook: www.Facebook.com/OneMillionGirls

16. What can we expect from FashPhenomenon and One Million Girls in the future? Do you any upcoming events?

17. Is there any advice you have for our readers? Do what you Love! The feeling of living your passion is amazing.

18. Where can our readers connect with you? HanaTunis.info@gmail.com

IG/Twitter: @Heyits_Hana

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