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Featured Doll: Casandra Rosario

1. Please tell our readers your name and where you are from?

My Name is Casandra Rosario and I am from Spanish Harlem, NY.

2. Tell us more about yourself!

Well, I'm a lover all things yummy and the Founder of Food Before Love. I really enjoy connecting people and I also am the Chair of the Be Gr8 Foundation.

3. How long have you been natural? Did you transition or big chop?

Aw man, I've been natural for 5 years now and I had to transition. At the time, I didn't even know what doing a big chop meant.

4. What made you decide to go natural and why did you decide to transition/big chop?

My hair was just really dry and overprocessed. I was coloring my hair often and it just didn't look healthy anymore so I knew I had to make a change.

5. What is your natural hair regimen?

Well for a long time now, I was a wash and set queen and a wash and go princess. For the past year I've been using a lot less of heat and more twist outs than anything. I rely on a two strand bantu knots to get me through the wee

6. What are some lessons you have learned during your natural hair journey?

Patience! Every curl is different, and every day is different so be ready for anything! Just be patient and understanding to have a good (hair) day.

7. So tell us some of your favs: You favorite products, favorite style and of course your hair crush!

Right now, I am loving Curls Milkshake and their Passion Fruit Gel. They are really light and soft which my hair appreciates. My favorite style is a curly up-do, but I can never achieve it until like day 5 of my twist out. I have a new hair crush every week haha

8. How would you describe your style?

I suppose it's modern, trendy, chic. I'm very girly but on an average day it's pretty laid back.

9. Who or what influences your style?

Culture and simply what appeases my eye at the time that I feel is different.

10. How has your style evolved?

I'm over matching and more about making things look good together. It has changed with the times but I always try to stay confortable.

11. Some more faves! What are your 5 pieces you in your closet? Your favorite place to shop? Who is your style crush?

My style crush is JLO. She is always shutting down every piece she's in and I drool over it all! My 5 favorite pieces in my closet are a classic black and white sheer dress by Rachel Roy, printed oversized sweater from H&M, ripped boyfriend jeans from Zara, the most comfortable leggings ever from Aldo and my bomber jacket. I really enjoy shopping River Island.

12. Do you think you hair influences your style?

Yes, because if I wear my hair up, whether it's worn natural or pressed, it changes my outfit choice for the day.

13. Lets get personal! We love your brand! Can you tell us how the idea for “Food Before Love” Came about?

Oh wow, well Food Before Love really just started as me sharing my food adventures with friends who didn't know where to eat affordably and still eat good. From there, it's just evolved.

14. What is your ultimate goal with Food Before Love?

We hope to expand the palettes of many but also educate them on relevant topics and help them enjoy everyday life through food.

15. What type of events do you host and how can our readers become actively involved with Food Before Love?

We host social events but also have an educational aspect to them as well. For example, our Natural Hair Brunch Affair that is currently on tour – we discuss how to achieve and maintain healthy hair, as well as, have an open discussion about some of the struggles we face as naturalistas. To stay up to date, people can follow us on social media as well as, join our mailing list that can be found on foodbeforelove.com

16. Are you having any upcoming events?

Always! Our next event will be in Atlanta which is the next place we're taking the Natural Hair Brunch Affair to – followed by Texas and NY. We will also be hosting our annual Supa Brunch Scholarship Event in October in DC.

17. Is there any advice you have for our readers?

Don't settle! In anything in life, whether it be that crappy job, relationship or bantu knot that didn't come out right. Keep trying and only strive for the best life has to offer you.

18. Where can our readers connect with you?

They can always visit FoodBeforeLove.com but please tweet us @foodbeforelove or follow us on Instagram & Facebook 

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