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Dark & Lovely Au Naturale Product Review

I had the pleasure of trying out some new products from Dark and Lovely's new Au Naturale collection. Now if you're not familiar this line collection is specificially designed to meet the meets of naturalista. This January they added 3 new products to their Anti-Shrinkage line and Introduced the Moisture L.O.C. line which is designed to make sure we are putting in AND locking in moisture. Products can be purchased on the Dark and Lovely website. I reviewed the products in order I tried the on my hair. Check out my video for a more indepth review and background on the prouducts. 

My first impression was I loveeeeee the smell of both product lines. I walked into a store after doing my hair and a young lady said I smelled like candy haha so I assure you it smells delicious. But lets get to it

Moisture L.O.C Sulfate-Free Cleansing Shampoil: LOVEEE!! It doesn't make my hair feel dry or stiff after using it. I'm not a shampoo person, I use all natural products (ACV and Bentonite Clay to clarify because in my experience shampoos have completely stripped my hair of all it's moisture. So it is refreshing to have a shampoo that I love and can finally recommend. I also like Dark and Lovely's Tension Release Hair Wash from their Anti-Breakage Line. 

Moisture L.O.C Deep Conditioning Delight: This DC was thick, creamy and had slip. Everything you should look for in a deep coniditoner. I tend to mix my DCs because you don't typically get something that proivides both moisturizes and has slip, I have very few that I don't feeling obligated to mix so it was nice that this product had both  qualities.

Anti- Shrinkage Slick Leave in Conditioner: Seriously...like no joke guys... it really is antishrikage!! My hair literally stretched before my eyes. I look for a leave in that adds moisture and has slip so that I can detangle and prep my hair for styling. It didn't leave my hair feeling sticky or stiff. 

I love the Moisture L.O.C system because you don't see product lines that caters to all the necessary steps needed to lock in moisture. Although products are moisturizing as naturals we need to LOCK in that moisture because we can lose it within hours. This is the perfect type of product line for a new natural, transitioner or a natural who is still learning her hair. You begin to understand the necessary steps needed to retain moisture for your curls and also understand what type of products work for you. My only critque of this line is that it may not work AS well for a natural with a tighte curl pattern like myself. I am between a 4a and 4b so some of my products need to be a little heaviers where and naturals in the 3 pattern range would prefer something lighter that does not weigh their hair down. 

Moisture LOC Super Quench Leave-In Spray:  It's also lightweight and doesn't leave a film which I have experienced from other sprays. It reminds me of my own cocktail that I make for my L step.

Moisture LOC Soak it Up Oil Cocktail: I like the oil for my texture because its lightweight and not OILY. My critique is that in colder months and for a natural with a tighter curl pattern they may need something a bit heavier. I would suggest mixing this with another oil like JBCO if you need something heavier so you get the benfits of both. 

Moisture LOC Lock It In Sealing Cream: Moisturizing, Lightweight, Slip! boom. I probably could twist my hair right after using this product haha

Anti- Shrinakge Easy Twist Gel N' Butter:  My hair wasn't a fan of this product for it's intended use. I need something heavier and more creamy to twist my hair. I am going to try it for a wash and go because it did stretch my hair, so gather my wash and go may have a day 2 effect which is my favorite. I think naturals with a looser curl would enjoy this product for twisting because it is so lightweight.

Au Naturale Anti-Shrinkage No Crunch Nourishing Pomade: I have not had an opportunity to try this product yet but I see myself pairing it with the twist Gel N' Butter for a wash and go. 

There you have it! Overall my hair wash moisturized and shiny which is the goal. In the winter it's difficult to maintain moisture for longer than an hour once you step out the house haha but my hair remain soft and fluffy for a few days. Once again check out these products for yourself and my vidro for a more in-depth review.

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