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3 Lipsticks for a Smooth Fall Transition

My relationship with fall is tricky. As the weather cools, I long for summer, but I do not miss waiting on a subway platform in 90-degree weather. Cooler weather also gives me the opportunity to play with bold lip colors that will carry me through the winter.

When it comes to lip colors, there are a ton of options to choose from - deep reds, purples, burgundies, and even black. It’s extremely easy to become overwhelmed when shopping, so I’ve gone ahead and did the dirty work for you. Check out my reviews on three colors you can buy today for your fall makeup transition.

Classic Red

A red lip raises the level of sophistication for any makeup look you’re trying to create. I prefer matte red because of my full lips – I personally prefer a glossy finish on sheer lip shades, but it is completely up to you. I’ve applied Sephora 01. This has been a staple in my makeup bag for the past couple of years due to its bright hue. I spent a full day with this lip in Paris without having to reapply, so I know it’s a keeper.


Plum Lip Stain

YSL’s Rouge Pour Couture is legendary. I’ve received recommendations for a very long time and decided to splurge on this $35 lip stain. This glossy finish is perfect for the daytime, with a pigment that is strong, but not overpowering. If you’re going from day to night, you can layer this stain for a bolder affect, like I have done. This lip stain has shown me that splurging can be a good thing, as long as it is a high quality item. I am 100% I’ll wear this shade all fall.


Bold, Deep Lip

Makeup Forever’s Rouge Artist Intense is the richest shade in my lipstick collection – and also my favorite. It is perfect for taking a makeup look to the next level. It was 50% more pigment than the traditional lipstick, which makes for a long lasting and sultry look. When I first purchased #49, described as “Satin Blueberry,” I was surprised at how glossy the finish was. For those who tend to stay on the more conservative side when it comes to lipstick, I definitely recommend this shade to add a bit of drama to your makeup collection.


Do you have any additions for building a fall lipstick collection? Leave suggestions in the comments!

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