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Cane and Austin Medi Spa Experience

Cane and Austin Medi Spa Experience

Hey beauties! I made a trip to Cane and Austin's new medical spa in NYC and I fell in love!! The location, the warm and welcoming staff and the services they provide, I could spend time in there every day.


When I first arrived I met Dr. Craig Austin the owner and creator of Cane and Austin skincare products and medispa. Dr. Austin, licensed dermatologist and dermapathologist, saw the amazing benefits Gylcolic acid had on the skin, especially African American skin. So he developed the products Cane and Austin. Glycolic acid is a naturally derived acid from pure sugar cane that has very small molecules that can get deep into the skin to exfoliate, reduce the appearance of fine line, age spots, and large pores. Before I came to visit the spa, I had been using the 30% Glycolic Acid Miracle Pads and I can attest that they do work with consistent use.

Skin Concerns and Proposed Treatment:

After meeting with Dr. Austin I sat with my esthetician Aline. She was SO sweet! We took a tour of the spa and she ran down the list of amazing services they offer from medical facials and acne treatments to laser resurfacing and micro needling. Next we discussed my skin care concerns. I explained that I hated my daunting dark circles and I had skin texture that I couldn't seem to fix no matter how much I exfoliated.

Aline, first addressed my dark circles. She explained that there are vascular beds under our eyes and sometimes that can show through the think skin under our eyes. I had significant vascularity under both eyes and some hyper pigmentation on my right eye. Unfortunately, they did not have the laser I would need to permanently fix my dark circles, but she could temporarily brighten the area using an ice cold compress treated with the Cane and Austin eye cream and two serums.

Next, Aline addressed what I thought was skin texture. Turns out I have large pores not skin texture. She explained that this could be fix over time by using the 30% Glycolic pads daily and coming in for glycolic chemical peels and microneedling. The chemical peels would also help lighten the hyper pigmentation on my right eye over time.

The Treatment:

I was ready to go! After so many years of trying to self treat my skin concerns I was happy for a professional opinion. We headed to the room and Aline laid me for to prepare me for my treatment. First she cleaned and exfoliated my face, neck and chest using the Cane and Austin face and body gentle cleanser and exfoliant. Then she used steam to open my pores to allow the treatments to go deeper and be more effective. 

Next, Aline soaked cotton compresses in ice water and then applied two Skincuticals serums and the Cane and Austin eye cream. These combination of products and the ice cold compress would contract the vascular beds and moisturize thus brightening under my eyes. We left the compresses on for 20 minutes before removing. The treatment would only be effective for a few hours but it's something I could do daily.

Next, Aline applied a caviar sheet mask. The mask would hydrate my skin before the chemical peel. We left that on for 15 minutes and after removing, massaged the left over moisturizer into my skin.

Las, but not least Aline applied the 50% Glycolic Acid chemical peel. This peel is medical grade only, so don't try to use it at home! If you aren't a professional, you can easily burn and scar if the peel is too strong so always consult a professional. The chemical peel would help reduce the size of my large pores and reduce any hyper pigmentation, including what was around my right eye. After 20 minutes, Aline removed the peel and applied a moisturizer specific for post chemical peels and the Cane and Austin mattifying primer with 50SPF.

Results and Aftercare:

Immediately after my treatment Aline was so excited, she could see a big difference in my skin and under eye area. I finally looked in the mirror and the results were astounding. Even my boyfriend couldn't believe it. My dark circles were drastically lighter and my skin was glowing. I felt like I was 10 again, with beautiful, youthful skin!

For the next few days, I had to apply the post peel moisturizer, physical sunscreen and only cleanse with a cream cleanser. Aline, explained that my skin my itch and peel but it was important not to scratch because I could leave a mark on my face.

Within the next 24 hours the itchiness went away and I did not experience any peeling. However, the most notable results were my dark circles. Even though they results were only supposed to last a few hours, they last a few days! For the next 4 days my dark circles seemingly disappeared. The amount of time I would normally take to correct and conceal under my eyes was cut in half. My skin was glowing for the next week and my makeup laid beautifully on my face. I honestly didn't even want to wear makeup because I wanted to show everyone the amazing result. I was out here like, "new skin, who dis?!" haha

I am very appreciative of Cane and Austin for allowing me to come in and experience the new medi spa and get a treatment. I will definitely be back to try micro needling and of course I will be documenting that experience for you. I'll also be discussing how to maintain your skin at home after visiting the spa and some great DIYs for dark circles.


Check out the video below of my time spent at Cane and Austin



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