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Smash box Step- by- Step Contour Kit

Okay! Now I’m not a beat your face every single day kind of girl, in fact I try not to wear makeup at least 4 days out of the week but thats neither here nor there. When I beat my face I want to be SNATCHED! Even if it’s an “everyday” beat or “beat to the gawds” beat, a little contour goes a long way.  So I was happy when the Smashbox Step-byStep Contour Kit arrived on by doorstep. 

Contours are useful to define your cheekbones, nose and jawline. The palette is super easy to use and designed to blend with any skin stone.  So let me get to it! I used the Deep palette which is designed for deeper skin tones. It it also comes in the shade Contour for fair complexions. It has 3 blendable powders- a dark shade to contour, a shade to bronze and a light shade to highlight. The kit contains an angled brush and a #SHAPEMATTERS insert that tells you how to contour and highlight step by step based on the shape of your face.I mean, hello! If you are a newbie to this contour life this is everything you need. 

After going through all the ins and outs of the kit, I prepared my face for the beat I was about to give it. I have a round face so I always aim to define my cheekbones, occasionally my nose and jawline as well. 

Using the angle brush that came with the kit I contoured my cheekbones. 

TIP: Don’t be to heavy handed when applying the dark shade. I made the mistake and had to do some seriously blending lol

I used a small kabuki brush to set my highlight under my eyes and on the cheek bones and another angled brush to apply the bronzer color.

NOTE: You can use the brush that came in the kit but for the sake of not mixing the colors I preferred to use different brushes.

So what do you think? Pretty good right?! I did a light contour because I’m not going any place special but you can gradually build on it if your going for the really chiseled look. 

The Smashbox Step-byStep Contour Kit is a great little investment, it gets my stamp of approval. With the holidays coming up and these sales, you already know what I’m thinking!

If you get it let me know your thoughts!



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