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PUR Hydrafluid Foundation Swatches

PUR Cosmetics recently came out with their new Hydrafluid Foundation. The formula is lightweight and provides medium coverage for that "no makeup" makeup look while still giving an even complexion. The best part about this foundation is the water! Of course with a name like HYDRAfluid you would expect some HYDRATION! Water is sourced from the Swiss Alps to create this formula. The Swiss Alps boast high purity and ideal mineral water which is said to refresh the skin.

The foundation comes in a squeeze tube and has a nozzled tip to dispense. Upon application I noticed that a clear liquid, I'm assuming water, gather at the nozzle tip. So I made sure to shake the tube a few times so the formula was evenly mixed and then dispensed it. I personally feel that it's more light coverage than medium coverage but since the formula is SO lightweight, it is definitely buildable.

Below are swatches of all the colors in both natural light and with flash. I noticed that the colors Dark and Deep Profond had gold reflectives which gave a nice glow. The reflectives are more noticeable with the flash but not overwhelming.

After applying the swatches to my arm, I applied the Dark color to my cheek, jawline and around my lip on the  right side of my face. I could tellwhen I applied the dark tone to my arm that it would most likely be a good match. Although it was slightly darker it gave me a nice glow and evened out my complexion. 




Comparison. Right side has the foundation/ Left side is bare.

I used my finger tips to apply one dot of foundation to the lower half of my face, which was more than enough. Official application states: 

Apply 2 to 3 drops of foundation to the face with the Liquid Chisel Brush. Buff into skin in a circular motion. Layer for additional coverage.

The foundation left me witha nice glow and dewey look. I have combination skin, dryer on my cheeks and oily in my T-zone. I anticipate that I may have some oily spots after a few hours of wear but setting powder can handle that. I'm not a foundation type of girl but this formula remided me of a tinited moisturizer. I'm going to give it a few more tries and update this post again

Have you tried PUR's Hydrafluid Foundation? What are you thoughts? 



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