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Design Essentials Coconut & Monoi Deep Moisture Balm Review

Hey my loves! I'm back with another review of Design Essentials. This time it's the 10-in-1 Coconut & Monoi Deep Moisture Balm. Upon first reading the product name I thought it was like a hair balm, something I could use to moisturize but also thick enough to slick my hair up. DING DING DING I was right! However, to my surprise it was also a moisture balm for your body too! 

The moisture balm retails for $12.99 and is free of preservatives, parabens, paraffins, petrolatum and phthalates. It's made with Shea Butter and ten oils including Coconut, Monoi, Sunflower, Olive, Avocado, Argan, Macadamia, Almond, Moringa, and Marula that will help repair, strengthen and give shine. The Marula Oil and Moringa Oil, are lightweight and help  serve as a heat protectant and defrizz.
The consistentcy of the balm is very similiar to raw shea butter. I took a quarter size amount and rubbed it between the palm of my hands to warm it up. Once it melted I was able to massage it into my skin and use as a moisturizer. In my opinion it's best used on damp skin. The water helps stretch the balm further and cover more surface area. It's really effetive and helps soften areas that tend to get realy dry such and your elbows, heels of your feet and your hands.

Next, I tried it out on my hair. My style had run it's course so I decided to do a puff. I lighted misted the perimter of my hair with water and then emulsified the balm in m hands. Once it melted I applied it to the perimeter and brushed my hair up into the style. Any excess product I just scrunched my puff to give it some shine and moisture. 

If you're a fan of Shea Butter I definitely recommend giving this product a try. It's a two in one type of product and has a ton of benefits. If you already have it or decide to pick it up, let me know your thoughts and hastag #designessentials #moisturemakeover #curlsandcouture

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