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Open Letter to My Community

Open Letter to My Community

This past week has been nothing shy of horrific and heartbreaking. I withdrew from social media because I didn't feel compelled to post just for the sake of posting,  I wanted to address the recent events. I felt as if I had TOO much to say. A caption did not have the capacity for me to articulate all of my thoughts and feelings. I constantly tried opening up Instagram and Snapchat wanting to speak, but I couldn't. It didn't feel right in my spirit, so I began to note  my feelings and thoughts until I compiled this:

It felt as if every unjust act that our community had been dealing with over the course of decades was stuffed into one week of absolute turmoil. How could this still be happening? I had to sit back, internalize and pray. I asked God, "why is this happening and what can we do? What can I do?"

My heart was heavy and my eyes burned from tears as I spoke with friends and family trying to make sense of senseless acts. It seemed as if not a day went by that our(take this out) injustice, police brutality or racism wasn't a part of the conversation. I watched as our community came together once again to protest and bring to light the prejudices we faced daily but I thought to myself, we have to do more. The only way to get change is to CREATE change. 

It's no secret that racism in our country still exist. We know it and they know it; black people are not viewed or treated as equals across the board. We are judged and stereotyped and that is a fact. There's no way around it, there's no reasoning for it, it is the reality of the situation. However, we cannot change a racist mind only God can do that. What we can do is change the law. Our justice system is not effectively carrying out its duties and that CAN be changed. We have the power to put policies and laws in place that protect EVERYONE. 

Protesting is an ideal tactic to bring attention to a situation but a protest must have a purpose. We need to apply what we have learned in the past and make it relevant now. This weekend my friend said to me, "In the 60's they protested and sat in places because they were fighting for the right to be there". Today we need to fight for the right to have laws that protect every citizen regardless of skin color. Protests should be taking place at the front door of the people WE put in positions of power. We didn't vote just to wear an "I Voted" pin. We voted because that politician was the best person to put in office to invoke change in your community, so let's put them to use! 

So I charge you to make your community leaders accountable. We have to bring the issues to our assembly people in the community, we have to march on Capitol Hill, we have to educate ourselves and research the policies and laws that are already in place to see how that can be changed to work for us. Call and write your assembly people and counsel men to let them know what you want done in your community. Let your voice be heard in a way that they cannot ignore. We have the power to create change. 

I also charge the white counterparts in my community to stand behind us because #BLACKLIVESMATTER. Right now our judicial system is not doing its due diligence to protect every single person regardless of complexion. If you see or hear someone say that "all lives matter" be apart of the change and ask them if all lives mattered would this be happening to Black America? You can't ignore that prejudice and stereotyping exist so I simply ask you, what if someone you knew became a hashtag?


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