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Oui Shave Review

I don't shave as often as most women mainly because I started laser hair removal sessions two years ago and it reduced the rate at which my hair grows. I didn't finish the sessions which is why I still grow hair but  in order to shave or wax I would have to wait up to 3 months for the hair to grow a decent length in certain areas. So, instead I use hair depilatory creams such as Nair. 


A few months ago  Vivrant Beauty in Harlem  gifted me Oui Shave kit. The set was beautiful! The kit came with a 14k gold plated razor and  a small bottle of shave oil in a brown box with gold embossed branding on the front. After some research  I discovered that Oui Shave is a start up brand that's only about 2 years old. They use quality products AND it was created and designed by women (major brownie points). I finally was able to use the kit last week so here is the breakdown.


The kit I received retails at $48.00 and mine came with the Charlotte razor and Neroli. The Charlotte razor is a simple double blade razor with a moisture strip. You can also purchase replaceable blades that come in a pack of 10. I wasn't a huge fan of the Charlotte razor, I wish it had 3 or 4 blades because it clogged easily. It's advertised as "perfect for travel, a quick shave before the gym (or a hot date), and for the woman who may not be quite ready for a safety razor." I'll touch on the safety razor a bit later but ultimately I got a smooth shave which is the goal anyway right?! They  also offer the option to set up a subscription plan based on how often you shave (it comes with 4 blades and Neroli Oil).


I LOVED the Neroli Oil. It's also referred to as Orange Blossom. It felt amazing on my skin and smelled great!  After using it my skin was so smooth and soft [insert heart eyed emoji]. Honestly, I could have skipped moisturizing my legs after shaving with the oil which is totally out of the norm. Typically I would slater on a moisturizer so I don't get ashy haha.The oil is made up of Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, pure essential oils so its created to improve elasticity and treat sensitive skin. They also carry a Santal oil which is great for dry skin.


Now if you're skeptical about the Charlotte razor, Oui Shave has another option! Yes, they have a 4 double edged safety blade. The Carrie razor is gold plated with a 3" handle designed for women up to 5'6" and the Samantha razor is chrome with a 4" handle  for women 5'5" and taller. These razors are a bit pricey, depending on the sets it retail between...$70 and 85 (gasp). I know, I know you're thinking "Girl, Bye" because I had the same initial thought but think about it for a moment. You probably spend  about $80 in a year on disposable dinky razors but this one is sturdy, pretty and will last you 10 years. Yes, girl I said TEN. So ultimately, it pays for itself.


All in all if I was a frequent shaver I would definitely purchase the Carrie safety razor. It boasts one month of shave goodness and you can use it anywhere. However, If you're not in the market to invest in the razors I definitely recommend the shave oils. They carry a few other products including body scrubs and washcloths. I think the best part about the brand is their give back initiative. They've partnered with Not For Sale in their mission to end  human trafficking around the world. A portion of every sale goes toward the fight against human trafficking.


Definitely take some time to check out the brand and their products. If you have it already or you're thinking about getting it let me know! 





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